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Music at Belmont


At Belmont, we aim to promote creativity, diversity and inclusion for all pupils through the universal language of music. We endeavour to realise and encourage each child’s confidence in and enjoyment of their own musicianship.  We seek to enrich the children's knowledge of cultural and creative arts through allowing children opportunities to experience singing, performing, listening, music theory and composition.


  • Music is delivered in the first instance by music teachers employed by Bexley music.
  • Opportunities are sought to enable the pupils to perform to audiences both in school and at larger venues.
  • Pupils learn about different styles of music and how to appraise these objectively.
  • Pupils are taught basic music reading skills including musical notation and the names of notes.
  • Additional opportunities are offered by extra curricular peripatetic music lessons, enabling 50 % of pupils to access opportunities to learn musical instruments.
  • Planning follows the accredited Charanga framework, which revisits and builds upon prior learning and skills.
  • Children with an innate curiosity towards the subject are encouraged to perform on a wider scale on a festival stage. (RFH)
  • Extra curricular activities are available on an ad hoc basis for a nominal fee.


The intended impact of the Music curriculum is that pupils will:

  • Develop confidence to perform to audiences of various sizes in various settings.
  • Use appropriate terminology and vocabulary when discussing genres of music and qualities of sound.
  • Learn basic compositional skills including reading and performing simple musical pieces.
  • Be able to follow rhythm and beat.
  • Discuss and explain personal choices and opinions in relation to likes and dislikes when appreciating music.
  • Have a deeper cultural understanding and awareness of different forms and genres of music.

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