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Betsy - our school dog

Betsy joined our school community in Spring 2021.  She is a hybrid minature Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle) who brings so many benefits to the school.   Below you will find more information regarding Betsy including information on her Dog Mentor training, the benefits of having a school therapy dog, the risk assessment and school policy as well as lots of photographs of Betsy at Belmont.



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Betsy has completed the Dog Mentor training and won a gold award!


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Facts about Schnoodles:

They are loyal, affectionate and fun-loving dogs by nature who are highly intelligent and easy to train.  Schnoodles are highly adaptable and make wonderful family pets and therapy dogs.  They have low shedding coats making them a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies. 

What is Betsy like? 

Betsy has a lovely temperament and is very sociable - she enjoys being around people and has a very happy and friendly disposition.   Betsy enjoys going for lots of walks and particulalry loves playing catch and finding sticks. 

School Dog Policy

Risk Assessment

COVID 19 Specific Risk Register

Benefits of Having a School Therapy Dog

FAQ's about School Dogs

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