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Young Leadership at Belmont

At Belmont, our pupils are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility throughout their time at the school. In Year 6, pupils are selected to become Captains:

  • House Captains
  • Music Captain
  • Sports Captain
  • Maths Captain

Belmont Houses

In October 2019, our new House Captains suggested new names for our existing Houses.  Many ideas and names were discussed and the pupils agreed to focus on influential people from the past, choosing individuals who have left their mark on British society and the world:

The four Houses were renamed:

  • Churchill (Winston Churchill - British politican, writer and army officer and British Prime Minister during WWII - 1940-45)
  • Seacole (Mary Seacole - British-Jamaican nurse who was influential in the Crimean War)
  • Dickens (Charles Dickens - British novelist, journalist, editor and illustrator whose works including Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol)
  • Fawcett (Dame Millicent Fawcett - Women's activist, writer and political leader)

House Points are awarded to pupils for learning behaviours in class, exhibiting our school values and acting as role models for other pupils. Each week House Point totals are shared in assembly and a winning House is announced at the end of each term.

Captains and Vice Captains

Each year, teachers nominate and elect pupils who are good role models to take on these roles. Captains are selected from Year 6 and vice-captains from Year 5.

This year's Captains and Vice Captains are:  We will shortly be revealing the names of our new captains and vice captains.

Seacole:      House Captain is Catherine    Vice-Captain is Angel

Churchill:    House Captain is Akhil            Vice-Captain is Joseph

Dickens:     House Captain is Imogen        Vice-Captain is Paige

Fawcett:     House Captain is William        Vice-Captain is Tay

Music Captain:   Marcus            Sports Captain:  Teddie            Maths Captain: Cara

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