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What is bullying?

Bullying is an act of aggression, causing embarrassment, pain or discomfort to someone. It can be a physical act or emotional in nature, such as verbal abuse, making gestures, and exclusion. It is an abuse of power. It can be planned and organised, or it may unintentional. It may be perpetrated by individuals or by groups of pupils.

Ways to Stop bullying:

  • Use TAG. Sometimes children don’t know that their behaviour is hurtful
  • Post a form in our Action Station outside the Inclusion Office
  • Tell an adult in school
  • Tell your parents and ask them to speak to your teacher

All Equal, All Different

 At Belmont, we celebrate difference and the things that make each of us unique. Our school values are interlinked with our approach to bullying.  We encourage and teach our pupils to show kindness and respect to all. 

Our Anti-Bullying Policy can be viewed here.

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