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Belmont PTA is a registered charity (no.1035373) which aims are to raise funds to enhance the facilities for children at Belmont Primary School.

As well as contributing towards learning resources and equipment such as, books, teaching resources, play equipment and apparatus; we also help to pay for some of the special events hosted within the school year, such as the annual pantomime - all of which is greatly received by the pupils.

We are a friendly, welcoming group who are always looking to include fellow parents/families in our continued efforts to arrange great events that allow pupils along with their families, to socialise and have some fun.

The present PTA committee are:

Co – Chair – Staci Berry

Co – Chair – Sirin Peache (Rin)

Treasurer – Jade Skates

Secretary – Kathy Peache

Vice Secretary – Emma Colegate

Head of Social Media – Ziver Arnavut

Head of Year Representatives are:

Nursery – Joanna Lawrence/Amy Eastwood

Reception – Laura Harman & Chelsy Elliott

Year 1 – Sophie Webb

Year 2 – Staci Berry & Emma Povey

Year 3 – Jerri Lee & Emma Chambers

Year 4 – Sirin Peache

Year 5 – Emma Colegate

Year 6 – Julie Tilbrook

How can you help?

Many are not aware that as parents and carers of a child attending the school, you automatically become a member of the PTA. We have our committee members who will take on the main responsibilities of the PTA but we always welcome you to attend meetings to voice your concerns or opinions. We really do appreciate any help you and any extended family members can contribute towards making our events a success.

How do we raise the money?

We run events throughout the year including our summer fayre, special person sales and school discos. There are also some companies we work alongside to raise money via cash back schemes. Please see our 'Ways to Help' tab for more information on how both you and the PTA can benefit from these great offers.

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