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Open door policy - A day in the life of Belmont:

You said: You felt that most of the activities whereby families were invited into school including class assemblies, were early in the day and meant that working parents could not always attend.

We did: Offered a range of different activities at different times to meet the needs of all of our families including staggered workshop times, morning class assemblies and an afternoon open event scheduled for summer term (dates and details to follow).

Reception/KS1 entry and collection procedures:

You said: The KS1 gate area was too small for the number of parents waiting to drop off children and it didn't allow you to see children entering the school building or their classroom. The end of day waiting area didn't allow you to liaise with teachers at the end of the and was overcrowded making it difficult to collect pupils.

We did: We changed our drop off and collection procedures by opening the KS1 gate and using the KS1 playground as a parent/carer waiting area both in the morning and afternoon. This meant that you could see your child entering directly into his/her classroom or the school building and htis also enabled stronger communication and partnerships with teachers. It also enabled a smoother and better organisation to the end of the day process.

Year 4 School Journey Payment Schedule

You said: The payments required before Christmas may be difficult for some parents to meet at this time of year.

We did: The school is set a payment schedule by the residential visit provider therefore money must be paid at certain times.

In order to make the payments more manageable for parents, we listened to feedback and have now included an additional payment date, therefore spreading the total in smaller parts over the same period of time. If this still poses a potential challenge to any parents, we welcome you to meet with our School Business Manager and a bespoke payment plan can be arranged to take your personal circumstances into consideration.

Christmas Performance Tickets

You said: Many parents would like more than the allocated two tickets per family for the Christmas performances as they wish to invite members of their extended family.

Some parents have suggested we put on more than one performance to increase the capacity.

We did: The school hall has a maximum number of people we can admit according to Health and Safety regulations. If we have any additional tickets available, the admin team are keeping a list of parents to whom these can be allocated.

We are unable to put on more than one performance as the school already stages seven Christmas performances in December. This takes a considerable amount of time and organisation and we do not wish to impact any further on learning time.

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