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Alison Hollands who is our QTVI for Belmont (Qualified Teacher for children and young people with vision impairment), was selected to be part of the 10 European Ambassadors. She recently took a trip to the head office of Lego in Denmark where she trained and qualified as a Play Hero Facilitator and a Lego Braille Bricks Ambassador.


They had to learn how to become a facilitator by learning through play. This entailed understanding the theory and the ethos of Lego and how all ages can learn through play.

Since the introduction of the braille bricks, the Lego foundation have introduced a free international resource for children with a vision impairment to learn the braille code in their own language to access the curriculum in all different topics. This has been produced in 7 different languages and is in 20 countries.

At Belmont we have been using the braille bricks for the last 18 months in all lessons including literacy, topic and maths for our children with a visual impairment to help them learn alongside their peers in class.

If you would like any further information please see the links below.

Lego 2

Lego 3

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Lego 7

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Lego 9

Lego 10


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