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Our Year 5 classes are:

  • Brunel Class - Miss Magalhaes
  • Hokusai Class - Mrs Handy

 A learning overview will be shared following the full reopening of school.

Our autumn term 1 topic is 'Life Cycles'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here

Our autumn term 2 topic is 'AD 900 - Mayans'.  To view the knowledge organiser for half this term click here

Our spring term 1 topic is 'Earth and Space'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here.

Our spring term 2 topic is 'Rivers'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here

Our summer term 1 topic is 'Anglo Saxons to Vikings'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here

Learning Update

Mrs Handy and Miss Magalhaes have provided the following learning update:

Throughout the summer term, Year 5 have been thoroughly engaged in our text ‘Clockwork or All Wound Up’ by Philip Pullman. It is a tale within a tale and offers many questions for discussion. One such question was fiercely debated by both classes and written as a balanced argument. The children learnt how to use formal language and how to be ‘unbiased’. The text also allowed the children to develop their acting skills, whilst creating freeze frames. During maths, Year 5 have worked fervently to consolidate their mental arithmetic skills, and they have explored how to draw and interpret angles using a protractor. In Science they have experimented with materials and investigated conductive and non-conductive materials, dissolving, and separating mixtures, and witnessed irreversible changes when they created new products from combining reactants. 

They have research Isambard Kingdom Brunel and had the opportunity to design and make their own bridges dependant on a brief. 

Year 5 have shown all our school values throughout the year, including respect, resilience, responsibility, kindness and honesty and are more than prepared to continue their learning journeys into Year 6.  

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