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Our Year 5 classes are:

  • Brunel Class - Miss Magalhaes
  • Hokusai Class - Miss Malm

Throughout the autumn term, Year 5 have been thoroughly engaged in our text ‘Clockwork or All Wound Up’ by Philip Pullman. It is a tale within a tale and offers many questions for discussion. Children really enjoyed reading and learning about the sinister characters in the story and this really showed in their writing outcome.  

During the National Poetry day, children read the poem ‘One’ by James Berry, which celebrated being unique. This inspired the children to write their own poem which they performed as a song to the melody of ‘One Love’ from Bob Marley.  

In maths, we have worked fervently to consolidate their mental arithmetic skills, and consolidated what they learnt in place value to solve reasoning problems. 

Animals Including Humans was our science topic this term, where children looked at different life cycles of animals and plants. Children have also looked at how different plants and animals reproduce.

Our topic for Autumn term 1 is 'Life Cycles'.  Click here to view the knowledge organiser with identifies the key information and skills the children will have learned by the end of the topic. 

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