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Our Year 4 classes are:

  • Gormley Class - Miss Squires
  • Kahlo Class - Miss Malm

 A learning overview will be shared following the full reopening of school.

Our autumn term 1 topic is 'The Digestive System'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this term click here

Our autumn term 2 topic is 'Tombs and Treasures - Ancient Egyptians'.  To view the knowledge organiser for half this term click here

Our spring term 1 topic is 'Turn it up - Sound and Electricity'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here, page 2 click here.

Our spring term 2 topic is 'Natural Disasters'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here

 Our summer term 1 topic is 'The Romans'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here. 

Learning Update:

Miss Malm and Miss Squires have provided the following learning update:

Throughout the summer term, Year 4 have learnt about Antony Gormley, an artist who creates sculptures. The children have enjoyed learning about his life and some of his amazing sculptures he has produced. In English, the children have enjoyed writing their own narratives based on Wallace and Gromit: The Close Shave. In PE, the children have acquired the skills needed to play rounders and have had chance to put this into practice, taking part in their own games. In science, the children have set up and recorded their own investigation on our topic ‘States of Matter’ where they observed how states of matter can change. All of the children took part in Sports Day and had lots of fun taking part and cheering their peers on for the different races.  

The children have worked incredibly hard this term and should be proud of all of their achievements. 


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