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Welcome to Year 1. Our classes are:

  • Morris class - Mrs Garlick
  • Picasso class - Mrs Duff
Year 1 have had a very exciting start to this school year.  We immersed ourselves in the book Traction Man by Mini Grey and after two weeks, we were able to write our own comic book versions of the story.  We loved coming up with our own adventures for Traction man and our work is on display in our classrooms for all to see.
In Maths, we have been revisiting lots of our place value and number work.  We have had lots of practical activities so that our teachers can understand our knowledge and check for any gaps.  We have been adding, subtracting and we now have an understanding of multiplication as we start our TTRS journey!  
Our topic has been split over materials and the seasons.  We learned lots of new vocabulary as we touched and labelled different materials.  Ask me what transparent and opaque mean, I am sure to impress you!  For the seasons, we listened to a very catchy song and improved our understanding of the season cycle.  We know that we are in autumn and went on an autumnal walk to spot the physical signs of autumn around us.  We had a visit from Freshwater Theatre which embedded our knowledge of the seasons and the weather.  It was very hands-on and lots of fun!  

Our topic for Autumn term 1 is 'The Seasons'.  Click here to view the knowledge organiser with identifies the key information and skills the children will have learned by the end of the topic. 

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