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Our Reception classes are:

  • Matisse Class - Mrs Duff
  • Briggs Class - Mrs Chaplin

A learning overview will be shared following the full reopening of school.

Our autumn term 1 topic is 'My World'. 

Our autumn term 2 topic is 'Let's Pretend'.  

Our spring term 1 topic is 'People who Help Us'.  

Our spring term 2 topic is 'Animals'.  

Our summer term 1 topic is 'Growth'.

Our summer term 2 topic is 'Up and Away'.

To view our curriculum map please click here

Learning Update:

Mrs Duff and Mrs Chaplin have provided the following learning update:

The children have been enjoying our new topic of ‘Up, Up and Away’ this term. We have been learning lots of interesting information about Space. We were super impressed with the amount of prior knowledge the children already had around this subject. The children  have read the books ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Beegu’ to support this topic and produced a range of different writing genres from; poems, facts and character descriptions. 

During RE the children have been learning about Christian’s holy book the Bible. The children were also keen to share their own experiences of special things/books that they have at home and discuss reasons why they are special to them. The children have really enjoyed listening to and acting out some of the different Bible stories such as; ‘Jesus Calms the Storm’ and ‘David and Goliath.’ 

Sports Day was a huge success! The children displayed great enthusiasm and teamwork helping and cheering members of their team throughout the whole event! Everyone joined in and the children took part with big smiles upon their faces! 

We have also begun transitioning the children in preparation for Year 1 in September. The children have been practising to be Year 1 pupils, taking part in Year 1 styled lessons and follow up learning activities. We are so impressed with how well they adjusted and we can see just how ready they are for their next stage of their learning!

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