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At Belmont, music plays an important part in enriching our pupils’ experience.

We are very proud of our partnership with Bird College, which allows us to provide singing workshops and give every pupil the opportunity to learn to read music and play an instrument during their time at our school. Our music offer includes:

  • Weekly music lessons for all pupils in Year 1 to Year 6 led by a specialist Music Teacher from Bird College.
  • Djembe drumming lessons for every pupil in Year 4
  • Peripatetic music lessons for pupils in KS2 (trumpet, violin, clarinet)
  • A school orchestra
  • A school choir for pupils in KS1 and KS2

Over the course of each year, pupils participate in a range of events both in school and in the wider community. We believe these are important opportunities for the children to develop their confidence and enjoyment of performing. This also helps our pupils to work towards the Belmont Learning Goals of Co-operation, Communication, Adaptability and Resilience.

Co-operation – working together to produce a performance with children playing different roles and supporting each other to do their best

Communication – communicating with the audience through performance

Adaptability – being able to perform in different settings and for different audiences

Resilience – having the courage and determination to perform in front of others and tackle new and challenging pieces

Over the last year, our pupils have enjoyed participating in the following:

Bird College Music Festival

Every year, pupils performed at the Royal Festival Hall. This is in collaboration with other Bexley Schools and includes singing in a massed choir, djembe drumming and orchestral performances.

Belmont Music Captain

This year, our Music Captain is Neve.  Neve was chosen as Belmont Music Captain because of her commitment to music and for being a good role model to others.  She has been a part of the school choir since KS1 and is learning to play many instruments including the clarinet and piano.  Her role is to assist with the co-ordination of music events and promote music so more children are encouraged to learn an instrument. 

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