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Welcome to Year 2. Our classes are:

  • Sydney Class - Mrs. Matthews
  • Melbourne Class - Miss Jenkins

For our Spring 1 topic year 2 found out all about food in our IPC topic “We are what we eat.” We planted our own tomato seeds and went on a trip to Hall place to find out all about how other vegetables are grown. We also explored the greenhouse plants and went on a tree trail to find 8 different types of tree!

Within Science we also found out about different food groups and what is needed to have a balanced diet. We enjoyed tasting different foods from each food group during our inspirational day, though were not keen on the kidney beans!

In English we read the story of “The secret garden” and wrote our own versions using our own character names and ideas. We also wrote letters to Mary’s uncle from the story asking him what life was like in England.

For Maths we used arrays to help us with our times tables and division facts. We also took part in a traffic survey and presented our results in a bar chart, tally chart and pictogram.




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