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Our Reception classes are:

  • London Class - Mrs Duff
  • Edinburgh Class - Mrs Chaplin

Autumn Term Update:

What a great first few weeks the children have had!  They have settled extremely well into school life and have made their parents and teachers very proud.  

The children now come into school independently and have been enjoying accessing and exploring the many engaging and exciting learning opportunities within their environment.  At lunchtime, many of the children have been learning how to use their cutlery correctly and have been trying new food, making new friends and playing on the playground with the older children.

The children are looking after their learning environment and everyone is taking responsibility to tidy up resources, sort and organise activities and look after their belongings.  Friendships are being formed and pupils are helping one another and adopting a great level of independence and resilience.

The children have already begun to learn their letter sounds and daily phonic lessons are taking place which includes lots of letter sound practise and exposure to the more tricky words.

The children are completing daily challenges, problem solving, counting to 100 and many other skills and are all very happy to be receiving their medal stickers as a reward.

 To help our parents/carers to model and support the learning of phonics at home, we have created videos which model the pronunciation of the phonemes (sounds) and show their correspondence to the graphemes (the letter/s representing the sound).  The videos are posted on our YouTube channel (Belmont Academy Erith) and can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Phase 2 Phonic video (watch Mrs Duff model the sounds in Phase 2)

Phase 3 Phonic Sound video (watch Mrs Duff model the sounds in Phase 3)

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