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Our Reception classes are:

  • London Class - Mrs Duff
  • Edinburgh Class - Mrs Chaplin

Reception have had a great first Spring term. The children all came back refreshed after their Christmas break and engaged in our fun inspiration day all to do with our new topic, Transport. The children enjoyed looking at, washing and even sitting inside the grown-ups cars! We have been busy learning about different modes of transport and reading lots of books e.g. The Naughty Bus, Oi! Get off Our Train and Goodnight Spaceman. The children have been attending their weekly sessions down the Dell and have been climbing, exploring and practicing being imaginative. We have also learned about Chinese New Year and how this is celebrated by some people. We learnt all about the story of the great race and what animals we are! We are looking forward to the next Spring term and cannot quite believe we have just hit the half way mark in our first year at school!


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